Booking Policy

Booking Policy

• All bookings are done by appointment only.

• A minimum of a 3 hour time slot is required for booking.

• Appointments must be placed at least 48 hours in advance.

• Come prepared and well rehearsed. This will save time and help to ensure a smooth, organized session in order to get the best product.

• Have media ready and/or emailed beforehand. Session set up and post-file transfer time are both included within your booked time slot.

• The session begins at the booked start time, not when the client arrives.

Payment Policy

• All payments are final and non-refundable. • 1/3 of booking total is required prior to your session as a safety deposit.

Cancellation Policy

• Cancellations and reschedules may only be requested with at least a 24 hour advance notice. If we are not advised before then, the full payment will be charged for your session with no refunds.

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Breaking Expectations is founded on the idea of being your passion and the drive to improve yourself without limitations. The name itself encompasses the motivating force behind our philosophy, empowering each unique person towards realizing what they can BE. Our team consists of individuals who value the importance of collaboration and well-being to enhance the lives of others, who share our commitment and our vision.

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